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“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning”

– Albert Einstein

“Once a true possibility reveals itself, then the confidence of it happening becomes reality.”

 – Dwayne T Feeley

“Repetition is the mother of
learning, the father of action,
which makes it the architect
of accomplishment.”
– Zig Ziglar

“Why Motivation & Stop Procrastination”
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JADE Chi Do, Is an unique active motion meditation exercise – a practice unifying stillness and movement.

Our virtual Zoom event on Aug. 24th, 2020 went great!

“Our boundaries equal our perception of the world around us”

Dwayne T Feeley

 Funnel Web Boss 


12-3 -2019




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“A Meditative Experience Like No Other”

“Jade Chi Do”

  • Learn to identify and work with an energy force within you. Taught in a special and surprising way, allowing you to discover it with the least resistance.  
  • Learn how to achieve massive improvements in performance and awaken your body to greater health, awareness and reflexes! 
  • Discover unique meditation exercises, unifying stillness and movement. Learn special moving meditations using your body’s electrical system to harness the energy of life in a dynamic and powerful way. Whether you call it chi, qi, life force, or life energy, it is time to discover or connect deeply with the natural life force within you. 
Unique meditation exercises unifying stillness and movement.
Connect to your life force in a dynamic way.
Author, Dwayne T. Feeley
Motivational Speaker & teacher of Jade Chi Do.

“Once a true possibility reveals itself, then the confidence of it happening becomes reality.”

– Dwayne T Feeley

“Belief and Faith have no lasting fruits without the roots of inner confidence.” Dwayne T Feeley 


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Explore the next level in meditation

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“What you give repetition to, shall become you, make that which you repeat, be something you would want to appreciate.”                   

Dwayne T Feeley

Motivating and developing employees can be a delicate balancing act for even the most experienced contractor. Those who succeed use techniques that motivate employees in the long-term and start each worker’s employment with a positive, career-focused orientation.

If you are thinking your crew is not motivated, Yes You are in the right place. We can do that for you!

“If we were not meant to grow with a team to success.   We would have been born with just one finger not 10.”

“Two arms lifts more weight as a team.”       

– Dwayne T Feeley 

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“Go beyond imagination and actually reach your destination. Be the explorer you were in your youth again, full of life and wonder.”

Dwayne T Feeley




“The fusion of love and intention is a wondrous invitation to a miracle.”

Dwayne T Feeley

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